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Olivia Munn bought her mum a house she didn't really want for Mother's Day

The actress' eccentric mother asked for a home she didn't want to live in.

Olivia Munn treated her mum to a new house one Mother's Day only to learn she didn't really want to live there.

Kim Schmid actually asked her actress daughter to buy her the place and then revealed she just didn't want anyone new moving into the neighbourhood.

"She wanted the house a couple doors down from hers, so I got her that for one Mother's Day," Olivia told news show Entertainment Tonight. "My mum will always let me know what she wants for Mother's Day."

But Kim explained she didn't actually want to live in the new house: "They (neighbours) sold the house, and wanted someone to move in next to me. That's why I asked her, 'Can you get that house for me?'"

"It's the most anti-social thing you can do, is buy the house next door to you, because you don't want somebody else to buy it and move in," Olivia joked. "That's literally how anti-social my family is."

But, in snapping up the place next door, the Munn family now monopolises the block.

"My mum lives on the corner, and then my aunt lives right next door, and then next door to her is the house I bought for my mum, which my brother lives in, and then there's my sister who lives next," Olivia revealed. "So it's four of them right in a row, just all right there."

And with America's Mother's Day just a few days away, Munn doesn't know how to top the house as a gift.

But she won't be sending mum a card, adding Kim is not overly sentimental and used to throw away cards her kids made her.

"I had five kids, and had so many (cards)," the Vietnam native explained. "Because we were moving around a lot, I cannot keep so many things... If you don't like it, you throw away. You're moving again."

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