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Olivia Munn fancies Ferrell

Olivia Munn has a secret crush on funny man Will Ferrell.

The funny actress and star of hit TV series The Newsroom is known for possessing both beauty and brains.

She says there is a double standard in Hollywood where sexy men can be humorous, but female stars have to be willing to subvert their hotness to get a laugh.

"It's all about knowing your body and knowing what's funny. Like Chris Farley, who made his career on being the big guy that comes in wearing something really small. You learn to play off what you have and turn it into a joke. I think anybody that loves doing comedy plays off his or her body - even on SNL, you get people like Jason Sudeikis or Will Ferrell, they do these great impressions, and they can do them because they look a certain way. They can play these really good-looking politicians because they're good-looking men, and they use that to their advantage..." she revealed to US ELLE magazine. "Yeah! Wait, you don't? Oh, with your tone, I guess you don't [fancy Will Ferrell]. Well, he's tall, which is good. Tall and like a normal build. I mean, we're not comparing him to Bradley Cooper, but let the record state that I think that he is a good-looking man."

Olivia lives in Los Angeles with The Killing's Joel Kinnaman. She says her beau is a good roommate, apart from when it comes to domestic chores.

"Well then, you know this conversation: I'll say, 'You know, we've got to clean this up, right?' And he'll go, 'Yeah, I know. It'll get done.' And I'm thinking, 'What exactly do you mean by it'll get done?' What you really mean is: 'It will get done by me, tomorrow, by myself,'" she laughed. "It's really too bad there aren't little magical leprechauns that run in and clean it up."

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