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Olivia Wilde: Confronting your worst fear can be cathartic

Olivia Wilde managed to turn her latest role as a grieving mother into a positive experience for her relationship with her own little boy.

Actress Olivia Wilde felt even luckier to be a mother after playing her Meadowland character, who loses her youngest child.

The 31-year-old gave birth to son Otis in April 2014 with fiancé Jason Sudeikis and is besotted with her little boy. But after taking on the role of a grieving parent in the movie Olivia had to face up to a situation that even thinking about would make her sick to her stomach.

“In a way, confronting your worst fear can be cathartic,” she told “The process of making this film was an exploration of some of my worst fears. After just becoming a mother, those fears became more pronounced. You're suddenly very aware that you are responsible for someone's life.”

In the film, Olivia’s character Sarah faces every parent’s worst nightmare when her child is abducted during a family road trip. The star was able to empathise deeply with the part as well as exploring the challenges a person can face with grief.

“(It) allowed me to come out of it feeling even luckier to be a mother and to have my child,” she admitted. “It allowed me to be a bit more present with him and mindful as a parent. I found it to somehow be a positive experience for me as a parent in the end. I just came home and loved him a little more than maybe I would have."

With such a sensitive subject matter Olivia wanted to make sure there was no room for melodrama. The actress worked closely with director Reed Morano so the finished piece made no judgements about grief or insisted that there was a perfect way to handle it.

“We were allowing ourselves to feel the depth of that heartbreak in order to tell a more powerful and honest story," Olivia explained. "There's something cathartic that comes from that experience, and there's something valuable about living through it and coming out a little more aware of how fortunate we are."

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