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Olivia Wilde remains coy over Sudeikis romance

Olivia Wilde says she has a boyfriend in the "entertainment world," but won't confirm that it's Jason Sudeikis.

The pair have been spotted in romantic clinches on numerous occasions of late, but neither have validated the status of their relationship.

Olivia and Jason first stepped out at a Kansas University basketball game earlier this year, and have been spotted in New York amongst other places together since.

In a new interview Olivia remained secretive, revealing her new beau is in the "entertainment world" but nothing else.

"[He's] in a much more interesting part of the business than I am," she added in Town & Country's March cover story.

Olivia also slammed the public for assuming too much. The stunning star claims people are too quick to jump to conclusions regarding her romantic status.

"If I have a drink with a guy, it becomes an affair," she said.

Olivia's divorce from former husband Tao Ruspoli was finalised in September last year after the pair married when she was 19.

The 27-year-old admits she "put on a few extra pounds" since the split.

"My body changed," she revealed. "But I'm trying to be healthier now."

Sources in December told US Weekly that Olivia and Jason had been romancing for a while.

"She's come to the (SNL) studio at Rockefeller Center, and they've gone out to dinner after rehearsals," the insider revealed.

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