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Oprah: I won't strip

Oprah Winfrey has joked The Butler director Lee Daniels wanted her to strip off for her role.

The American actress and talk show host stars as the wife of Forest Whitaker's titular character in director Lee Daniels' upcoming film The Butler.

In one scene, her character Gloria gets drunk and fools around with her neighbour, played by Terrence Howard.

Oprah joked Lee wanted her to take things a step further during the shoot.

"You know, he would have had me buck naked on that sofa if I had let him!" she laughed to Mail Online. "He did more screaming than I did - I'm not a screamer. If [Gloria's] going to roll around in bed in the middle of the afternoon, [then it would be] a lie, a fake thing."

Oprah feels she can relate to the story being told, which follows the events witnessed by an African-American man during his time as butler in the White House. She is amazed at how much has been accomplished by black people since the 1950s, when the movie is set.

"I think that every day, each of us is allowed to be judged by the content of their character," she continued. "Now we could buy the bus. I would not have been allowed to be Oprah Winfrey. 'How dare I!' I certainly wouldn't have been allowed to have owned my own television network."

The 59-year-old star was in London, UK, during the interview. With the capital's expensive shops and designer labels Oprah knows she is now in a fortunate place to be able to splash out.

"I don't think I'm going to have a problem buying a handbag in London," she mused.

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