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Oscar Isaac: I'm invisible

Oscar Isaac likes to disappear when he's out and about.

The actor has been busy promoting new movie The Two Faces of January, a dark thriller co-starring Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst, but isn't keen on attracting the limelight when he's not on promo duties.

Last month Oscar was announced as one of new cast members joining the next Star Wars movie, along with many of the original actors, but says even that won't affect his preference for public transport.

"Yeah I think I should be all right," he laughed when the London Evening Standard newspaper quizzed him on riding the London Underground when Star Wars is released.

"Part of what I like doing so much is disappearing as much as I can, so changing the looks drastically. I think because of that I'm able to blend in quite easily."

Since his break-out role in Inside Llewyn Davis earlier this year, Oscar's career has gone from strength to strength.

Oscar is a big fan of London and relishes the chance to work here, and the British capital is where he'll be based while Star Wars shoots.

"I've actually worked here in the summers before. I love working... I've actually worked here more than, I think, in the US. Once I'm working I kind of isolate a little bit so I don't tend to go out that much. But yeah I love it here, I love how green it is up here," he said.

The Star Wars gig doesn't just mean he'll be able to indulge his love of London. He's also become a hero to his family with the appointment.

"It's completely strange. My family, my uncle and cousin are such huge... I mean they have galleries of toys and when I told them that they really flipped. There's nothing else I could have possibly have said, or will ever be able to say, that could quite top Star Wars," he smiled.

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