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Oscar Isaac: Performing music is like a one night stand

Oscar Isaac thinks he makes "funny faces" when he sings.

The Hollywood star is best known for his acting, stunning in drama Inside Llewyn Davis and now confirmed for roles in the massive Star Wars and X-Men franchises.

However, the multitalented 35-year-old can also play guitar and sing, even fronting a band when he was younger. While he's used to being in the limelight, performing musically is a completely different ballgame.

"You just kind of expose it all - I'm not playing a character when I play music, so it's just very much me," he mused to Details magazine. "But you're also making weird sounds, and your face is doing funny things 'cause you're not thinking about it and people are just staring at you, and then it's over. Like sex with a stranger. Then it's just... 'Thank you, that was fun! Maybe I'll see you guys again some time.'"

During his time in the band, teenage Oscar stood out from his bandmates, as he shunned the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll mentality.

However, he wasn't completely straight-edge and caused his fair share of trouble as a kid. He was even excluded from his private school after trespassing into a ranch.

"I'd petted some animals I wasn't supposed to pet. The school was built around this guy's ranch, and there was a big wall, and we never knew what was on the other side," he recalled.

"Me and my friend jumped over and found all these exotic animals - guard emus and the craziest tiny little beavers. We just started petting them all. Why wouldn't you? But the guy complained."

Oscar explained it was "boys-will-be-boys kind of stuff", adding spraying a fire extinguisher and defacing a mural to his list of wrongdoings.

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