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Friday 22 August 2014

Owain wowed by Mentalist success

Owain Yeoman is still wowed by the success of The Mentalist

Owain Yeoman has revealed the success of The Mentalist really took him by surprise.

The series, which is currently in its fourth series on Channel 5, features a former psychic medium helping the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes, and Owain clearly remembers downplaying the show's chance of success when it first aired.

"I said to Tim Kang, who plays Special Agent Kimball Cho, 'We'll wait for the first episode to air and then I guess I'll see you next pilot season. Good luck'," said the Welsh actor.

"Then it aired, did really well and we said, 'We'll see how it does next week'. I've never let go of that fear as an actor. It's good though, it keeps you hungry."

Owain's clearly pleased that low-budget series, in which he plays CBI Special Agent Wayne Rigsby, is now doing so well, considering its minnow status in a sea of Hollywood crime drama sharks.

"We are quite a humble show and, from a studio network's point of view, it's the dream ticket - a show that doesn't cost very much, but is watched by millions of people."

Owain is nothing but grateful for all The Mentalist has afforded him.

"To know you can pay the rent and be in front of a camera every day is such a luxury for an actor. I never lose sight of that," he said.

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