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Owen Wilson talks 'creepy' date etiquette

Owen Wilson says the things people search for on the internet are "personal".

The actor has discussed the profound effect the internet has had on relationships. While he understands it's commonplace to look up people online before meeting them, it's something he can't get his head around.

“I Google ESPN a lot to check the scores, and I like to find some kind of news item. It’s almost like a personal thing, googling," Owen joked to Refinery29. "I think it’s a slight invasion of privacy to Google somebody before you went out with them, but I realise now that people do that - they do Google you. But, I would still feel that it’s like, if we were going to go out for a drink and I was like let me Google this girl, it would be kind of creepy, like you shouldn’t be doing that. But I guess in this day and age you're supposed to do that."

In his latest movie The Internship, Owen teams up with Vince Vaughn to play two salesmen who battle to win jobs at Google.

Owen portrays Nick, who behaves inappropriately at times.

The comedian joked he's never acted as badly on a date as Nick does, but confessed he's not always on top form when it comes to the ladies.

“Hopefully I would have fallen more into the jerk category than the asshole one. I don’t really have that side to me. I find it hard to be mean to somebody, so I couldn’t do that," he shared. "I'm sure there've been times where I have been unintentionally thoughtless or somebody perceived me as dumb, but I can’t imagine doing something mean."

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