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Ozzy's restaurant demands

Ozzy Osbourne reportedly got a server to buy curry takeout for him during a meal at a Cipriani restaurant.

The Black Sabbath rocker was dining with wife Sharon and her X Factor UK colleagues at the C branch of Italian celebrity hotspot Cipriani when he apparently had an intense craving for curry.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror, Ozzy demanded his server bring him the Indian dish, despite being told the eatery offered European-style cuisine.

"He wanted a curry and as far as he was concerned that was the end of it. Obviously staff were keen to keep their high-profile guests happy, so waiters were dispatched to a nearby curry house in Mayfair and ordered a takeaway for Ozzy," a source said.

"They rushed it back and served it up - still warm - on C-branded plates as the rest of the table were served their dinners."

The 64-year-old rocker was reportedly "unfazed" by all the fuss he made. Sharon had apparently tried to convince him to be less demanding, but once Ozzy got his way his mood reportedly perked up and he was "delighted".

"Ozzy was completely unfazed by the situation, and insisted he was in the mood for a curry," the insider continued.

"Sharon and [X Factor judge] Louis Walsh kept telling him he should just have a nice bowl of pasta or something, but he wouldn't budge."

A spokesperson for the star has not commented on the claims.

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