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P. Diddy shares vacation footage

P. Diddy shared video of his family holiday in the Bahamas this weekend.

The music mogul jet to the Bahamas for America’s July 4th holiday weekend.

He took some time out from soaking up the sun Saturday to post a video of his leisurely activities.

“Swimming with the dolphins. #CombsVacation,” the rapper tweeted.

He accompanied the note with a link to an Instagram video of himself being pushed through the waves by a dolphin at the Atlantis resort’s famous Dolphin Cay.

“I’m about to go swimming with the dolphins ‘cause that’s how I do… This is how we do. Combs family vacation. Ain’t nothin’ but another day. Take that,” he said.

The rapper is known for taking his family on splashy vacations and throwing lavish parties.

Last month the hip-hop star threw a party for his twin daughters' seventh birthdays and got into the spirit by wearing a huge fake crown and cape.

He also bought his son a $360,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday in 2010.

That’s all pocket change for the star, who told MailOnline two years prior he spent almost $3 million on his own birthday.

Diddy said at the time it's important he does something big for himself at least once a year.

“I've been organising parties all my life,” he said.

“Every year, me and a small, secret crew of people fly off to Ibiza for a week's partying. It's a mixed group – we call ourselves the Breakfast Club,” he continued, musing, “and generally I'd say the best ratio for any party is two women to every one man.”

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