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Paltrow: Blogging is my real job

Gwyneth Paltrow counts acting as a second job to her Goop website because it doesn’t allow her to schedule in parenting time.

The actress is the head of a newsletter and website named Goop, and counts the publication as her “main” career.

The star thinks just making films would not be an option with her simultaneously raising a family.

"I wake up with the kids. Breakfast. School run. I have an hour to work. I work out, and then I do Goop until it's time to pick up the kids. It's kind of my real main job,” she told USA Today. “I can only do one movie a year. It's too hard on the family. It's great to have a few jobs! I work hard to keep it good."

The thespian has children Apple and Moses with her Coldplay rocker husband Chris Martin.

Although she loves being on the silver screen she has to turn down roles unless they are spectacular.

"I say no to everything pretty much. When I have an interesting part or really interesting people to work with, I love acting,” she admitted. “It's just a lot of time away when the kids are so little. You're gone. So it's hard. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. Something really worth my time."

Gwyneth was recently named the Most Beautiful Woman In The World by People magazine.

She admits she was flattered at the reaction from her loved ones and associates.

"[Chris] was really proud. It was very sweet. I got so many e-mails about that. I loved it, because I feel like I'm a mother and I'm a woman. I was very, very honoured,” she said. “It's a huge title, even though it's not true. I always see what's wrong with me. I've got crow's feet, and one boob is sagging more than the other."

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