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Pamela Anderson learns love lesson

Pamela Anderson has opened up about her divorce from Rick Salomon.

The 47-year-old actress' separation from Rick Salomon was finalised in April, marking the second time the pair had married and divorced. This time around their union lasted less than six months, and this isn't the first time Pamela has tried again with a partner. She's also had on/off relationships with her ex-husbands Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, but is adamant that is now a thing of the past.

"It's like when you put something back in the fridge that’s not good. It’s not gonna be good the second time. When you go in there. I mean..." US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres reasoned.

Pamela replied: "You're right, you're right. I know, I get it. I get the lesson. Yes. I get it. I do that a lot."

The pair's discussion began with Ellen gently probing about Pamela's love life. During a past stint on the show the actress described her relationship with Rick as a "friends with benefits" setup, and this time she cut right to the chase when Ellen asked about her remarrying someone she'd tied the knot with before.

"Yep. And now I’m not married again," she stated.

The two women discussed Pamela's love life in more detail, with the blonde actress assuring the audience she isn't dating at the moment, as she doesn't feel ready.

That doesn't mean she'll stay single forever though, with the star looking to have a little fun this time around.

"You’re gonna date people aren't you?" Ellen asked.

"Plural. Yes," Pamela replied.

The star has a tangled relationship with Rick, who she first married in October 2007. The pair split that December, with Pamela asking for an annulment due to fraud in February 2008.

They remarried in January last year, with Pamela filing for separation six months later. The split was acrimonious, with the actress filing for a restraining order at one point and claiming Rick had been violent during sex.

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