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Thursday 29 January 2015

Pamela Anderson voted off DWTS

Pamela Anderson has made her exit from all-star Dancing With The Stars
Pamela Anderson has made her exit from all-star Dancing With The Stars

Pamela Anderson has admitted she "deserved" to go after becoming the first contestant eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.

The former Baywatch actress - who recently admitted she felt like an "underdog" on the show - was competing on the US television programme for the second time but got the boot after failing to impress with her moves.

She tweeted after leaving the contest: "Good Luck - everyone at DWTS... The fish out of water has left the building. Sad - but deserved it. I didn't come through last night."

Pammie was left facing the chop after performing a shaky Cha Cha with her professional dance partner Tristan MacManus during the first night of the competition, an all-star season featuring winners and fan favourites from past years.

Kirstie Allley and Bristol Palin also did badly on the night, but once audience scores were combined with the judges' scores, former Cheers star Kirstie was declared safe and Pamela found herself facing elimination alongside Bristol and Drew Lachey.

The 45-year-old blonde was emotional about being voted off, but vowed that she and Tristan would get to dance together again.

"We'll keep dancing. We're going to dance together again. It doesn't end here," she said.

She later tweeted a message to the dancer, saying: "Tristan I love you - We have lots of fun stuff ahead!! Sorry --;(. "

Pamela was the sixth person to be eliminated in her first appearance on Dancing With The Stars in 2010.

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