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Panettiere settling in Nashville

Hayden Panettiere has ‘committed’ to live in Nashville.

The 24-year-old actress is originally from New York but has spent the last 18 months living in the Tennessee state while filming hit musical drama Nashville.

Hayden admits in an interview with People Magazine that she had taken her time about deciding when to buy a property.

"That's a big investment and a big commitment for something [like a TV show] that can be very fleeting," she explained.

“But after a year and a half of living here, I felt that I had enough personal investment here, that I want to have a grounding here, even if something happens to the show. Knock on wood it won't! But I have amazing friends here and this just feels good as a home base.”

The former Heroes actress became engaged to Ukrainian boxer Wladimir in October this year.

The couple had originally dated back in 2009 after meeting at a mutual friend’s party but broke up two years later, only to reunite again at the start of 2013.

When asked how her 6ft 6in fiancé will adjust to life in Nashville, Hayden was adamant the move wouldn’t faze him.

“He fits in anywhere. He's a very worldly man!” she laughed.

As well as buying a house, the couple have a wedding to plan. But with two busy work schedules their nuptials won’t be taking place in the near future.

However Hayden confesses that she has the perfect dress and day in mind, although she is nervous about all eyes being on her when the day finally arrives.

“I'm very shy in some ways," she said. “Obviously I'm in the spotlight professionally, but to be that vulnerable, standing up in front of people doing something so personal, that's kind of a new thing for me and not exactly in my comfort zone.

“There are many ways to get married and we'll figure one out that is comfortable for both of us,” she added.

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