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Paris Hilton: I’m a daredevil

Paris Hilton views life as a big adventure.

The 32-year-old heiress frequently attends fabulous events in some of the most luxurious places in the world.

The star appreciates her fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle.

“I’m a daredevil,” she told British newspaper The Sunday People. “I’m an Aquarius so I live life to the fullest.”

Paris was known for her hard-partying ways in the past and she has even served time in jail.

She isn’t at all interested in going wild at parties like she used to.

“When I’m at a party it’s either I’m paid to be there, it’s a promotion for one of my products, or it’s for a special occasion.

“So I don’t really enjoy going out as much as I used to.

“I’m more of a homebody now. I like to be with my boyfriend, stay home and cook, just chill.”

Paris is the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels.

The star has always worked hard to earn her own money, as she never found it appealing to look to her relatives for cash.

“[I’m] not the typical trust-fund kid,” Paris said.

“I could easily have been just another trust-fund kid and not worked and just accepted the money from my family.

“But at a young age, I decided I wanted to make my own name and be independent and not have to ask for anything.

“With me, I can just do anything on my own and that’s all me. That’s the best feeling in the world.”

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