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Paris Hilton: Men say weirdest things

Paris Hilton has spoken about her biggest turn offs when it comes to guys.

The hotel heiress is currently single and happy that way, because it's the first time she's been on her own for years. Although she's open about being alone Paris doesn't find people come up to her when she's out, which is fine with her.

"Yeah, I think it is kind of intimidating. Sometimes guys come up to me and they don't know what to say, so they say the weirdest things - like cheesy pick-up lines or try to impress me really hard. I hate when guys show off or talk about money. It's a huge turn off to me," she told British magazine Heat.

Paris' last romance was with model River Viiperi, but they split last year. She's hinted dating is more trouble than it's worth for her, not least because she spends so much time travelling for work.

"It's really nice [to be single], because I have to travel all the time and it just makes it much easier if I can travel and not have to worry about someone in LA embarrassing me or doing something bad," she said. "I'm just happy to not have to worry about that type of thing anymore."

And Paris might find it hard to find that special someone, as she doesn't even need to leave her house to have fun. She famously has her own nightclub at her abode, which is her number one place to party.

"It's always fun, I love it because it's really private - you don't have to worry about paparazzi outside," she explained. "I always have the best parties, the best people, the sickest DJs. I always do a theme where everyone dresses up in certain colour or costume. So it's always a special evening at Club Paris."

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