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Paris Hilton: Nicky’s wedding was magical

Paris Hilton can't believe how well-planned every last detail of her sister Nicky's wedding was.

Nicky married James Rothschild at The Orangery in Kensington Palace Gardens on July 10 this year, with Paris one of her bridesmaids. The 34-year-old was blown away by her sister's big day and says it will stay with her for some time.

"Seeing my sister in her wedding gown, knowing she was so happy and so in love, was amazing. We all had a great time and are really happy to have a new member of the family. Nicky's wedding was definitely a fairytale. Every little detail was perfect," she told British magazine Hello!

"It was also very moving when they said their vows. The beginning of a life together, a celebration of love, commitment, friendship and loyalty. And that has a special meaning in our family. My parents have been together for 35 years, which is unusual these days. I hope we follow that tradition, as we all start to marry."

Paris is currently dating Swiss millionaire Thomas Gross and she couldn't be happier. That said, she isn't ready to walk down the aisle herself yet, coyly saying she's sure the time will come but it's not on her radar at the moment. She's also not talking about having children yet; instead, she sees that as a way off in her future.

Asked if she's now found true love, Paris would only say "time will tell", although it appears her romance is going well.

"I'm really happy right now and that's all I can confirm," she laughed. "This is turning into a magical, marvellous summer. Even though Thomas isn't Spanish, I have to admit that really great things happen to me in Spain. Life smiles on me here."

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