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Paris Hilton slammed by Samantha Ronson

Paris Hilton "insults" the work of DJs, says Samantha Ronson.

The blonde heiress has reinvented herself as a disc jockey and took to the decks at the Pop Music Festival in in São Paulo, Brazil, last month.

However, her performance has been widely slated, with DJs and media alike criticising her lack of experience.

DJ Samantha Ronson is the latest music insider to express her disapproval, claiming the socialite lacks genuine interest in the art.

"That sh*t with [Paris]. It's like, c'mon man. She's tried everything now. Just put some quality behind the sh*t that you do. Put some effort into it," she told TMZ. "If you're just like, oh I want to figure out how I can make more money this week, it insults the people that work really hard at it. It's like me calling myself a doctor from reading WebMD twice."

Dance sensation Deadmau5 mocked Paris's efforts last month.

The world famous DJ likened the socialite's venture into electronic music to the apocalypse.

"It's over," he wrote on Twitter last month. "To be fair the mayans saw this sh*t coming."

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