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Paris Hilton talks 'painful' sex tape betrayal

Paris Hilton found it hard to trust anyone again after her ex-boyfriend released a sex tape of them.

The hotel heiress’ ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon released a tape of them being intimate to coincide with the debut of her reality TV show The Simple Life in 2003. It was shot several years before when the pair were still dating and Paris is still at a loss as to why someone she loved would hurt her in such a way.

“It was the most painful thing I ever went through in my life,” she says. “This was not just some random person, it was my boyfriend who I was with for a few years and who I really loved and trusted. It was such a violation of everything,” she told British newspaper The Mirror.

“I was so hurt and so in shock and it’s been hard for me to ever really trust anyone again, especially guys, because it’s the most horrible thing you could do to a person.”

The 32-year-old star is dismayed when she hears up-and-coming stars have recorded sex tapes in an effort to get noticed. She cannot understand why anyone would want their most intimate moments released for the world to see.

“It’s very bizarre to me to see girls purposely doing it to launch a career, and I think it’s kind of pathetic and disgusting,” she fumed.

The star has now moved on and is dating 21-year-old Spanish model River Viiperi. There has been speculation the pair are planning to wed and while Paris hasn’t confirmed it, she has hinted she is ready to settle down.

“River’s amazing. He’s so sweet and down-to-earth and loyal and kind and has such a big heart so, yeah, I’m really happy,” she explained. “My ultimate goal is to be a successful businesswoman and have my own family one day. Making my parents so proud of me is the one thing I care about the most.”

Paris’ home was famously used in Sofia Coppola’s new movie The Bling Ring, about a group of celebrity-obsessed teenagers who burgled stars’ homes in Los Angeles. Paris was one of the people who were targeted, with the wannabes breaking into her home six times. The found a key under her mat, had it copied and then let themselves in whenever they felt like it.

The star didn’t realise anything was amiss at first, only realising she her home had been violated the final time.

“I had no clue until the last time because that’s when they did the big hit and took millions of dollars-worth of jewellery,” she admitted

“Before that they were just taking little things from everywhere. But the final time, they wanted to get as much as they could.”

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