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Friday 18 April 2014

Paris Jackson 'hinted at cutting online'

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is reportedly suffering from a "dark depression" and could be in treatment for several more months.

The teenager has been receiving treatment since she attempted suicide earlier this month.

According to TMZ, she is "deep in the world of cutting", which can be seen in worrying pictures on her social networking profile.

The website has images claimed to be from her Tumblr page, which show horrifying cut wrists with captions such as "I f**king hate myself".

Others reportedly show girls putting guns into their mouths, while another depicts an arm with writing over the cut reading, "Suicide slice here".

There are also said to very graphic photos of girls covered in blood and text stating suicide was the only way to be "happy".

However, there are signs Paris may have reached out for help as there are several anti-self-harm messages too.

Apparently the damage was "horrifying" when bandages were removed from Paris' arms after she harmed herself using a meat cleaver earlier this month. She also took an overdose of painkillers.

"Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn't the first time," a source revealed.

While many argued the daughter of the late Michael Jackson was calling out for help, TMZ now claim her family is "scoffing" at the idea.

"Paris Jackson will be in treatment for months, for a dark depression that is putting her life in serious jeopardy..." the website writes.

Family sources claim Paris is "doing better" at UCLA Medical Center and has no desire to cut herself again, despite continuing to "fight" therapy.

She will apparently move from UCLA to a new facility soon, where she could be for another three months.

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