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Paris studies DJ skills

Paris Hilton practices how to DJ for between four and six hours a day

The hotel heiress completed a residency at the Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza over the summer and it's rumoured she was so successful she'll be back in 2014.

She understands that many are dubious about her skills on the decks, but explained late DJ Adam Goldstein - who dated her friend Nicole Richie - actually taught her the basics around a decade ago. Since then she has been brushing up on her knowledge whenever possible.

"I think, with anything I do, people like to think that because I'm from the Hilton family I'm just some kind of party girl. But I shouldn't be judged on my money or my name. If anyone knows anything about music and clubbing, it's me. I've been studying it for years," she told British magazine Heat.

"Club owners always asked me if I knew how to DJ, and I did, but I needed to work at it. I was hosting parties for so many years, then I got offered this big concert in Brazil, where I'd be opening for JLo and I began to take it more seriously."

Paris has been working on a new album recently and is also trying to up her DJ skills. She insists she regularly takes to the decks when at home and thinks her dedication is beginning to show.

"In the past year-and-a-half, I've been practising for four to six hours a day, learning all the DJ software," she explained. "A lot of people are surprised by what I'm doing now. I'm up there mixing and doing it live. Hopefully, people will see that I've worked my butt off."

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