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Patricia Arquette: Get me a horse and buggy!

Patricia Arquette is focusing a lot of energy into teaching rural communities how to avoid water-borne viruses through her charity Chideo.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actress Patricia Arquette sometimes wishes she could “throw every device out and get a little horse and buggy”.

The 47-year-old star is currently promoting her TV series CSI: Cyber, which centres on cybercrime.

And while exposed to the latest technological scandals contained in the plotline for CSI: Cyber episodes, Patricia’s technology phobia has only increased.

“We’re dealing with police body-cams, virtual sex toys, we’re dealing with remote control cockroaches. Listen I didn’t make this stuff up,” she laughed to Extra. “I think everybody’s really been hacked. And sometimes I just want to throw every device out and get a little horse and buggy.”

But Patricia isn’t spending too much time worrying about being violated via cyber criminals.

In addition to starring in CSI: Cyber, the Academy Award-winning Boyhood thespian is putting a lot of time into her charity Chideo.

Patricia is travelling to Nicaragua soon with Chideo and she is excited to be making a difference in impoverished communities.

“We teach people how to do ecological sanitation in their communities,” Patricia said of the work she and Chideo colleagues perform through the organisation. “The reason that’s important is because more kids die from the lack of sanitation and water-borne diseases around the world than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. So we do sanitation systems that treat waste locally, can be trained locally, that are very low cost. And we have pilots in Haiti, India and Nicaragua.”

While accepting her Oscar in March (15), Patricia gave a riveting speech about gender based wage inequality.

And the blonde previously spoke about how disturbed she feels when people aren’t treated fairly.

“You know what? I cry a lot at night thinking about how many women are struggling, how many kids are struggling,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “So many women are single mums, so, people will say to them, ‘lean in,’ ‘be more assertive,’ or ‘if you are too assertive, you're a b**ch, you’re too aggressive.’ Women are being told these mixed messages and we know a lot of women are single mums, so, they are not in a great bargaining position to begin with.”

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