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Patrick Stewart: Acting with my son is terrific

Sir Patrick Stewart is thrilled his son Daniel has followed him into the acting industry, because their shared careers have brought them closer.

The 75-year-old actor stars alongside Daniel, 48, in the upcoming sixth episode of his Starz show Blunt Talk.

And while following in the footsteps of an actor as famous as his father may have been daunting for the younger Mr. Stewart, Patrick is thrilled his offspring has taken inspiration from his career choice.

“I think it’s a great thing that we’re both in the same profession. It has brought so much into both our lives that we can share and enjoy talking about. It’s terrific,” Patrick told USA Today.

In Blunt Talk, Patrick stars as talk show host Walter Blunt, who is faced with various comical situations as he careers his way through life.

The series has already been received well by critics, thanks to Patrick’s comic timing as the egotistical Walter.

And it seems his father’s good looks isn’t the only thing Daniel has inherited.

"Daniel has a wonderful talent for comedy, particularly wacky comedy,” Patrick said. “So we shared an episode. Hopefully we’ll be sharing many more.”

The series isn’t the first time Daniel and Patrick have acted alongside each other.

Daniel also appeared as Patrick’s son in a 1992 episode of Star Trek, as well as in television movie Death Train in 1993.

Growing up with mother Sheila Falconer – Patrick’s first wife – and a father as famous as his, Daniel certainly didn’t have a regular upbringing.

But he doesn’t regret anything about the way he was raised.

“This industry and the fact that we’re both in it brings up all kinds of bizarre circumstances," Daniel told the outlet. “The lives we lead can be sort of ridiculous. My upbringing wasn’t a typical one in that my mum and dad came home at 5 and dinner was on the table at 6.”

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