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Patrick Stewart feared rage

Sir Patrick Stewart has learned to put a positive spin on difficult situations.

The 73-year-old actor had a difficult childhood growing up in the English county of Yorkshire with his older brothers, mother and violent father. This tough upbringing caused an initial struggle when it came to pursuing his acting career as he didn't want to share his problems with others.

However, when he came across the theatre - where he began - Patrick found the industry helped him come out of his shell.

"I have been inclined to be solitary in huge chunks of my life. I don't think that's a good thing anymore. I think the interaction of being with people, especially people you like, is very important for keeping you sharp, alert, active, connected. For years a part of my acting suffered because I was not prepared to embrace rage. I said I couldn't do it," he explained to the April/May issue to AARP magazine.

"I found the stage a very safe place to be. Everything is predictable when you're in a play. Because of the chaos in my life, I loved the certainty and the opportunity to become somebody else and not myself."

Patrick's household was also a poor one. When people would make visits to the family home regarding outstanding payments, Patrick remembers how his mom would make them disappear.

"Some of my earliest memories are of when a bill collector came to the door," he added. "My mother and I would hide behind the sofa and pretend we weren't in. I thought that was a great game."

One person who has been by his side over the years is fellow actor Sir Ian McKellan, who plays his onscreen enemy in the X-Men movies. They have worked together frequently and Patrick appreciates his friend's honest personality.

"In Yorkshire, they tend to be blunt... [Ian] is indeed straightforward. This helps his acting be crystal clear," he added. "But underneath, his nature is a very sweet one. And we spend much of our time laughing."

The pals have posed for dozens of photos over the last few months while they are both in New York for their Broadway play No Man's Land.

The latest snap, which Patrick posted on his Twitter account, shows them both in black bowler hats standing by the backside of a large monument.

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