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Patrick Stewart: How I wooed my wife

Sir Patrick Stewart first met his wife Sunny Ozell when she asked for tickets to his Broadway production of Macbeth.

The iconic English actor wed Sunny Ozell in September 2013, after meeting her five years earlier while he was performing in Macbeth in New York.

Sunny, 36, was working as a waitress in a restaurant, and when 74-year-old Patrick walked in with actor Joel Grey, they got talking.

“We met in a restaurant. But it wasn’t a ‘May I join you at this table’ moment, it was a different moment.

“I gave her my phone number, it was the only time in my life I’d ever done that. But only because she had wanted to see our show in Brooklyn, we were sold out, but we were going to Broadway. So I had said, ‘Look, there’ll be plenty of tickets there, just phone this number.’

“What do you mean motive? Do you think there was something ulterior?” Patrick laughed when British TV show This Morning suggested there might be.

“No, no, no, it was all about art and theatre.”

Patrick’s good friend and X-Men co-star Sir Ian McKellen performed the wedding ceremony, with Sunny giggling he was ordained online.

Prior to the big day, Ian had let slip his plans during an appearance on UK TV series The Jonathan Ross Show. However, some people got the wrong idea.

“What he told Jonathan was... Jonathan said, ‘So, what have you got coming up?’ And he said, ‘Oh, well I’m marrying Patrick Stewart’ is what he said. And of course, well, well, well what a surprise,” Patrick smiled.

“Well, The Guardian [newspaper] outed me a couple of years ago, so that’s all fine!”

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