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Patrick Stewart: I love having my nipples twisted!

Patrick Stewart thinks his work on new show Blunt Talk is much closer to his personality than his more straight laced roles.

The acclaimed British actor has his nipples tweaked by co-star Jacki Weaver in the first episode of their new series Blunt Talk. While many would assume the 75-year-old would recoil in horror at such a plot-line, Patrick actually liked it.

“I think it's different for women, like a lot of things. I've known plenty of women who didn't want their nipples tweaked. But actually, I do enjoy it,” he confessed to ET Online. “Maybe they are less sensitive areas in women - I can't believe we are having this conversation.”

Blunt Talk is created by Family Guy funnyman Seth MacFarlane and Jonathan Ames. Patrick plays a British newscaster who moves to Los Angeles to try and conquer American nightly cable news with much hilarity.

While the star is better known for serious roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the X-Men film franchise and his stage work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Patrick insists the comedic nature of his Blunt Talk character is more in tune with his personality.

“The two characters I'm most well-known for were upright, honourable, articulate, passionate, caring individuals - rather intellectual than emotional. Sometimes, perhaps, people have mistakenly got the idea, 'Well, that's Patrick Stewart,’” he continued. “Nope! Wrong. They were performances. A lot of what I get to do on Blunt Talk is much closer to Patrick Stewart than the bridge of the Enterprise. I like things that are funny - in everyday conversation, in incidents that you see, in watching TV or watching film. Comedy has always had an impact on my life.”

Patrick has enjoyed having his boundaries pushed in the show and admitted he often didn’t know what to expect.

“I had not expected to be snorting cocaine - something that I had to have instruction in. We had a teacher on the set - I can't tell you who it was - but that was very helpful,” he added. “I got to play my first post-coital bedroom scene in Blunt Talk and I've never played one before.”

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