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Patrick Wilson: I dream about Ted Danson

Actor Patrick Wilson got on so well with Ted Danson when they were shooting their new TV show Fargo that he now dreams about him.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actor Patrick Wilson hears Ted Danson's laugh in his sleep.

The two stars appear alongside each other in the eagerly-anticipated second season of TV show Fargo, with Ted portraying Patrick's character's father-in-law. The two are police officers on screen and it was important to them that their relationship was believable, so it's lucky that bonding didn't cause any problems.

"He's great," Patrick told "If we had more time I'd make more fun of him and make more jokes, but he's fantastic. We had an absolute blast together from day one. We just smiled at each other and started laughing: 'We've got these guys. This is gonna be great.'

"He's so solid. And he's fun. And oh my God, that laugh. I can hear it in my sleep."

This series of Fargo tells a completely fresh story with all new faces, among them Kirsten Dunst. The initial run was adapted from the acclaimed 1996 Coen Brothers movie, and many people were unsure it would make the leap into a miniseries. Patrick admits being one of them, but as soon as he saw what the TV cast - including Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton - had done he was blown away.

That's not to say he was quickly won over though - he actually only sat down for season one when he started to consider being involved with the next instalment. In fact, he read his scripts first which led to a little confusion.

"When I first read it I hadn't seen the series yet," he explained. "So I only went on the first couple of episodes I read, and I was trying to figure out where it was going. I felt like there were a lot of balls in the air, and you always kind of wonder how they're going to fall (laughs). 'Cause every time you're juggling the balls have got to come down: 'So what's going to happen here?' When I started to get into episodes three and four I started to go, 'OK, I see where he's going... I think?'"

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