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Pattinson ‘always hiding from paparazzi’

Robert Pattinson says it was great working in the Australian outback for weeks while filming The Rover because he didn’t have to deal with the media.

The 28-year-old actor filmed his new post-apocalyptic movie The Rover in the Australian outback.

And Robert felt being away from the glare of cameras in such rough terrain was beneficial, as he was less anxious about how his appearance.

“It was amazing [being in such a remote place], especially for working. You can just concentrate a lot more,” he explained to Extra.

“You always get the impression that the paparazzi is trying to get you to do something stupid and you're always trying to hide from that. You can eliminate your vanity quite a lot.”

Robert portrays disturbed character Rey in The Rover, a tale about a hardened ex-soldier's quest to track down a man who stole his only possession. The film takes place 10 years after a global economic collapse and the actor’s teeth were rotted out with makeup in order to depict the austerity of the setting accurately.

“It's funny cause there was tooth paint and whenever I did a long take, my teeth would get whiter and whiter as the scene went on,” Robert shared of his experience filming with makeup in his mouth.

The star previously confessed he ate bread and barbecue sauce regularly for weeks while filming in the outback.

And Robert admits memories of the food still haunt him.

“It is kind of true. I suddenly realised on the last day that if I had one more piece of bread and barbeque sauce, I would have projectile vomited,” he said.

The Rover, which also stars Guy Pearce, reaches US theatres next week.

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