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Pauly D: I want a girlfriend

Pauly D admits that finding a romantic relationship is "tough."

The Jersey Shore store signed a deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records last year and his new reality show The Pauly D Project is currently on the air.

Although Pauly is popular with the ladies, establishing a love affair with a trustworthy woman is an arduous task for the star.

"You know, it's tough for me because I am traveling so much and right now it's even harder to find a girl than ever because you question their motives and why they really want to be with you," Pauly told the US edition OK! Magazine. "But I do ultimately want a girlfriend to share all this stuff with. Because I got all this stuff going on but it's the only thing I don't have."

Pauly is really attracted to devotion in a girl.

"Loyalty is big with me. She's got to be loyal," he shared. "I like girls that are family-oriented. They are good with their family that means they are good with you, you know?"

Pauly will likely entertain his future amour in Las Vegas.

"Hard Rock, Rehab Pool and Insert Coin, the video game bar. Awesome," he gushed. "I also love shopping for [trainers] at Undefeated here. [I've got] more than 300, for sure."

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