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Pauly D: My hair is like a helmet

Jersey Shore's Pauly D has joked you could throw a bowling ball at his hair and it would bounce off.

The DJ and reality TV star - real name Paul DelVecchio - is known for his heavily-gelled hairstyle.

The 32-year-old has recalled a time he lost his suitcase containing the styling product and joked he can't live without his beloved gel.

"I had no clothes, no hair gel. It's like Michael Jackson without his glove..." he laughed to Australian radio host Jackie O.

"It's not just any hair gel, it's some serious gel...We ended up finding it though! If you threw anything [at my hair], it wouldn't move. You could throw a bowling ball!"

Since Jersey Shore finished at the end of last year, the cast has moved on to other ventures.

Co-star Snooki was known for her partying, but has settled down with fiancé Jionni LaValle and gave birth to their son Lorenzo last August.

"The baby's adorable," Pauly smiled.

"It sounds crazy to say that she's a mother because she was so wild and crazy but she ended up having a baby and she's completely changed. She's turned into a great mother. She's toned down the partying 100 per cent and she's dedicating her life to her son."

Pauly is pursuing his career as a DJ, touring the world to perform his popular sets.

The star reportedly rakes in $11 million a year for his shows.

"Yeah, I'm so bad with maths, something like that," he said of the figure.

"It's been a blessing for me. I used to get, like, nothing; now I'm touring the world making good money."

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