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Penelope Cruz silent about son

Penélope Cruz loves talking about her son to strangers, but won't in interviews.

The Spanish star and her husband Javier Bardem have 15-month-old son Leo together. Both are enjoying every aspect of parenthood but Penélope wants to ensure her son retains some privacy.

"I cannot talk about my son and for me it's very hard to be silent. But when I see the recorder I stop myself," she explained. "And it's weird, because when I go to the park with Leonardo I am always asking the other moms, 'How many hours are they sleeping? What are they eating?'"

The 38-year-old actress loves her job but it isn't the most important part of her life. She wants to ensure she is with her loved ones as much as possible, which means she's taken some tough decisions recently.

"I will work less than usual. The family, for me, is more important than everything else. When I realised I was working too much, I decided to slow down," she told Myself magazine.

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