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Penélope: I sacrifice sleep for family

Penélope Cruz says raising a family gives her “so much happiness”.

The 39-year-old actress has two children with her husband Javier Bardem – son Leonardo who turns two next month and daughter Luna, five months. Admitting she gets by on “not even three” hours of sleep each night, Penélope still manages to juggle her work and home commitments.

“I don’t mind,” she is quoted as saying by British newspaper The Mirror. "It fills you so much, it doesn’t matter that you’re always exhausted. It gives you so much happiness. You want to enjoy every second.”

Penélope has been involved in the acting industry for more than 20 years. She is widely admired for her work ethic, but explains that she has made changes to how she manages her career in order to put her family first.

“I was always on a movie set so I was always another character and I was feeling very empty. I wasn’t enjoying the work so much... I was going from set to set. I was never in my house and I didn’t have a life,” she recalled. “I changed that about six years ago because it wasn’t making me very happy. You need to have time for your own life and as a mother that changes even more.

“Family is the most important thing for me... and if you have children you want to raise them yourself.”

Penélope also spoke about battling her insecurities. Although she is one of the most successful stars in Hollywood, there are still times when she has to put on a brave front.

“I have so many fears. I have become an expert at hiding them but I am so full of them. I’m not giving you examples because they are all so crazy,” she confessed. "Everybody thinks I’m so centered and relaxed but it’s so opposite to what goes on inside me. But I’ve been working on it all my life, so it gets better.”

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