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Friday 29 August 2014

Penry-Jones inspired by Don Draper

Rupert Penry-Jones drew inspiration from Mad Men's Don Draper

Rupert Penry-Jones drew inspiration from Mad Men's Don Draper for his new TV role as a barrister.

The actor stars as an ambitious lawyer alongside Maxine Peake in the new BBC One courtroom drama Silk.

"Don Draper from Mad Men is who I was thinking of when I played him," the former Spooks star said. "Because he does all these terrible things but you still like him."

His character Clive Reader battles it out with Maxine's character Martha to 'get silk' (become a QC).

Rupert said: "I think Clive becomes more likeable as the series goes on - you just have to get used to him.

"You start off hating him, then you laugh at him, but you also feel sorry for him at points."

:: Silk begins on Tuesday, February 22 on BBC One

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