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Perry questions talent

Katy Perry can’t predict whether her career will continue to be profitable.

The singer released her latest track Roar recently, giving her the biggest digital song sales of her career so far.

However, the singer isn’t always the most confident about her fresh tunes.

"You can never be too sure because it doesn't always work out like that," she admitted to MTV News, when quizzed about whether her new album Prism might beat the success of her previous record Teenage Dream. "But for me I've always kind of gone with my intuitive feeling - if something really moves me, if I get those goose bumps or chicken pox, if I get those then I know it struck a chord in me."

2010’s Teenage Dream produced five number one singles in her native United States.

Katy’s currently track is about unleashing her inner animal and being confident.

"I started the record in November, but things were really flowing by the spring and it's a song about standing up for yourself," she said. "Who can be the biggest bully in the equation is yourself and can get in your way and it's a song about speaking up for yourself and having the strength."

The 28-year-old’s break-up from Russell Brand inspired her lyrics.

She divorced the comedian last summer and is now in a relationship with musician John Mayer.

While she kept up appearances in public, privately she underwent some serious personal reflection.

“For a while, even though I was coming off as totally with it, professionally and everything, maybe I was a little immature personally,” Katy previously told Access Hollywood. “And so I finally just started garnering strength, and that’s [when] I wrote [Roar]. [It’s] about… becoming stronger and speaking up for myself and making myself roar, essentially.”

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