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Perry’s ‘crochet love’

Katy Perry has admitted she’s a big fan of crocheting.

The Teenage Dream singer reveals crocheting is her number one hobby currently.

And Katy admits she indulges in the handicraft to unwind in the evening.

"I do a bit of crocheting now; I know, I'm the biggest nana on the block,” she laughed during a recording of British chat show Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.

“I was at Liberty yesterday and they have this big crocheting aisle – everyone else that's cool was in the designer clothes area and I was just like 'ooh look at all these yarns, I love it'.”

The singer, who has just released duet Who You Love with boyfriend and fellow musician John Mayer, said she crochets to help improve her sleep.

“I time myself at night now, because it puts me in a relaxed state, instead of – you know, when we go to bed most times, the last thing we do is look at our phone right?” she mused. “And we fill our minds with like Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan... twerking, all that, and all of a sudden you go to bed and have all these dreams and they're all like 'ahhhhh'.”

The Roar singer said she thoroughly enjoys making baby items.

But before anyone could get the wrong idea, Katy was quick to clarify that it was for her unborn niece.

“I thought maybe it'd be better for my subconscious and my dreaming just to like, do a bit of crocheting before I go to bed... but I also have a little niece on her way, so I'm going to knit like a little baby blanket,” she said.

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