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Pete Wentz: I can't believe FOB made it

Pete Wentz felt as though he was learning to ride a bike again after reuniting with Fall Out Boy following their hiatus.

The Chicago band formed in 2001 and six albums later they've become one of the most popular rock acts on the planet.

After their hiatus ended in 2013 the quartet - also made up of Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman - are stronger than ever, much to Pete's surprise.

"It was - and still is - weird [being back as a band]. Like, there are parts of it, for example the live show, that are like remembering how to ride a bike! But there are parts of it that are quite a bit harder, like being away on the road," he told Kerrang! magazine.

"I think Fall Out Boy in 2001 would be shocked to learn that we are still a band at all! I think we would be impressed by the evolution in the same way that a caveman would be impressed by Zippo lighter tricks!"

One of the reasons it's hard for the guys to be on tour is that they're family men; frontman Patrick welcomed son Declan last October, while Pete is a dad to sons Bronx and Saint and Joe is a father to daughter Ruby.

It gets tough being away from home and Patrick admits to having down periods. But he has a few remedies which never fail to make him feel better.

"I always say the best way to handle a bad day is to try to make someone else's day better... but when I can't manage that, I'll turn to doing something creative," he explained. "So, probably something like composing, writing, playing an instrument. Those things have a way of making everything better to me."

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