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Pettyfer: Valentine's sucks when single

Alex Pettyfer is a big fan of Valentine's Day, but only if he's loved up with a significant other.

The British hunk is probably not short of offers this year, after showing of his honed physique in movies such as Magic Mike and I Am Number Four.

He plays the lead in new romantic tale Endless Love, which also sees the actor sans his clothes.

"If I have someone I love on Valentine's Day, then I love Valentine's Day. If I don't, then I am miserable," the currently-single star laughed to British newspaper Metro.

The 23-year-old star also confesses to being a hopeless romantic, but says love can be tricky sometimes.

"Yes, of course," he enthused when asked if he was romantic. "Who would turn around and say they're not romantic?

"But the hardest thing about love is to be vulnerable and reveal yourself. And a lot of people can't really deal with the after-effects of that, if something does go wrong."

Alex plays David in the remake of the 1981 film Endless Love. It follows his passionate affair with Jade, played by Gabriella Wilde, and the people that try to come between them.

Alex admits that apart from looking like his wild onscreen alter ego, there are no more similarities between the two.

"Nah, I am a very grounded, normal guy. I do my work and then I go back home and race cars and hang out with all my mates. I have never got drunk or taken drugs - I am not going to be getting wasted in a club. Family is very important to me too. I have always wanted a family and children at a young age," he divulged.

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