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Pfeiffer: I get lonely

Michelle Pfeiffer believes the "isolation" a celebrity feels is reflected in her new film The Family.

The actress stars as Maggie Blake, the wife of a mafia boss, in Luc Besson's new movie.

Her on-screen family are forced to enter the witness protection family and relocate to a small town after an attempted crime.

When filming the movie Michelle noticed similarities between her character's situation and her own everyday life.

"I think as an actor or as a celebrity you can somewhat relate to the kind of isolation that [moving to a small town] can create and it's actually very limiting in terms of your life experience," she told

Her co-star and on-screen husband Robert De Niro, who plays Giovanni Manzoni/Fred Blake, is content with being famous. The 70-year-old actor is rarely recognised when out and about.

"I'm OK actually, I get around pretty much unnoticed unless people are looking for you," he mused, when asked if sometimes he wishes he could go out without being spotted.

"Those are situations when you're ready for it, so... but otherwise a lot of the time I'm walking around and nobody even notices."

Robert is married to Grace Hightower and they have son Elliot as well as daughter Helen, who was born via surrogate.

He also has son Raphael with his ex-wife Diahnne Abbott, as well as adopting her daughter from a previous relationship, Drena.

His twins Julian and Aaron were born via surrogate while he was in a relationship with Toukie Smith.

Michelle and her husband David E. Kelly have one adopted daughter, Claudia, and son John together.

When asked whether the characters in the movie are a good or terrible example of what real-life families are like, the 55-year-old actress shared her opinion on their dynamics.

"Both. Actually you know what, it's not a terrible example of a family because actually it's a really solid, good family," she explained.

"They've had to really bond in ways because of the extreme situation that they're in and the isolation that they're in so... you know, they just behave badly."

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