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Pharrell: I'm Einstein

Pharrell Williams is “obsessed” with Albert Einstein.

The producer-and-singer-songwriter takes his time in the recording studio very seriously. He is fascinated by the theoretical physicist’s work and finds it inspires his own methods.

“I’m obsessed with Einstein’s process of tapping into the ether. He called it thought experiments and I was very surprised to see it was so similar to Leonardo da Vinci’s process. It’s like putting a candle on the floor and looking at the light flickering on the ceiling to zone out – which is a good description of what it’s like when I make music,” he told British magazine Grazia. “Often I’ll go outside walking, which allows my mind to wander. It’s the wandering that brings about good ideas for me.”

Pharrell has had a busy year so far. He turned 40 in April and married model-and-designer Helen Lasichanh last month. When asked what he looks for in a partner he singled out friendship as vital.

“Being besties is the most important thing – you have to be best friends,” he explained.

Pharrell is enjoying a blissful phase in his life at the moment. He feels more content than ever before.

“I’ve been totally happy for a few months now – since I turned 40 [in April]. It wasn’t the fact of turning 40, it was the sequence of events that followed. It’s been crazy, with the Moncler collaboration and everything that’s happened this year,” he smiled. “I’ve always been thankful, but now I’m thankful and super-happy.”

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