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Pier Morgan: I said no to morbid show

Piers Morgan was asked to star in a show called Piers Morgan Is Dead, which aimed to capture the public’s response to his passing.

The British TV personality divides opinion and often riles people up with his controversial views.

It’s always made for entertaining television, but one particular offer surprised even 50-year-old Piers.

“A few years ago, someone wanted me to take part in a reality show where I would ‘die’ and they would record the national outpouring of grief,” he recalled, according to

“They said, ‘Obviously some people in your family would have to know it wasn’t real, maybe your mother’. I thought, ‘Yeah, and my kids maybe’.

“I told them, ‘I don’t think you’ll be seeing Princess Diana-like scenes if I die.’ It was an independent company who had approached Channel Four, who were very keen on the idea.

“It was going to be called Piers Morgan Is Dead.”

He politely declined the offer, but it’s not the only strange request he’s received. Another time, he was asked to appear in a show that would see him lowered into the South African ocean in a tank, to be attacked by great white sharks.

Luckily not every producer is keen to put Piers’ life on the line. He was also approached to appear in several dancing shows – but even they couldn’t win him over.

“This year I have been offered a lot of money to do Strictly — I think it was six figures, and Dancing with the Stars in America, which was a lot of money, about $300,000 (almost £200,000),” he revealed.

“But there is not enough money in Fort Knox to get me to dance in public. However, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s is a different matter.”

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