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Pink: My daughter defecated on a rug

Pink thought it was "great" when her daughter soiled a rug in a London hotel.

The singer has discussed some of her favourite experiences since giving birth last year. The outspoken star finds everything her 16-month-old daughter Willow does cute, even when others would be left embarrassed by the tot.

"Willow walked right into a hotel in London, squatted and did a poo on the rug!" Pink laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O. "I took a picture of her doing it. I was like, 'This is great.'"

The 33-year-old mother-of-one is currently touring Australia and enjoys travelling with her daughter because she hardly ever makes a fuss. The pop star joked that Willow is such a good companion on her overseas trips that she is worried about having another baby.

"I'm calling my tour the Willow tour as she's such a good traveller. I'm very lucky, thank god. I had to fly with her back from Germany on a day time flight which was 13 hours long. She didn't cry once," Pink explained. "I'm afraid to have another child because if she's not as good as her I'll want to send it back."

Pink continued to gush about her child. The star revealed that Willow has already developed her own taste in music.

"Willow loves [Psy song] Gangnam Style she loves it. That's our movie right now," Pink laughed. "Although she's not doing the dance yet."

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