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Pink reveals daughter fears

Pink cried when she gave birth as she was "terrified" of her daughter being like her.

The songstress and her husband Carey Hart welcomed Willow into the world last June, and have been doting parents ever since. However, Pink had her reservations about bringing up a little girl because she was a rebel during her teenage years.

"Because I'm terrified of having a girl like me," she laughed, when asked why she cried at birth. "I'm just banking on the fact that we rebel from our parents. She'll be like, 'Loud music, tattoos? That's disgusting.'

"But I don't know. It's all karma I guess for all the bad things I've done."

Pink says Willow is already showing signs of having a feisty nature. The 32-year-old singer has also joked that she is envious of her daughter because of the attention she receives.

"Willow thinks she's really good at sharing, but if the other kid doesn't take the toy she'll bash them over the head with it," she exclaimed to British magazine Closer.

"Yeah, everyone is like, 'Oh Willow, she's so cute.' So now nobody tells me how cute I am anymore! I can't help being the jealous type."

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