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Pink's daughter sees spirits

Pink's daughter tries to share her biscuits with ghosts.

The singer has 13-month-old Willow with her husband Carey Hart. The 32-year-old star firmly believes that children are in tune with the spiritual world and is adamant Willow has been seeing dead people recently.

"Oh for sure, absolutely. She sees spirits all the time and don't 'Oh God,' Kyle, it's true," she said during an interview on Australia's Kyle and Jackie O radio show. "I think they can totally see spirits and Willow has been trying to hand her cookie to something that she laughs at right in front of her face for the last six months."

Pink likes organising play dates for Willow, although they don't always go well. She jokingly explained the tot can be "a bit violent" - even though she is usually trying to be nice to other children.

"Willow right now thinks that she's really good at sharing but if the other kid doesn't take the toy she will bash him over the head with it. She's a very aggressive sharer," she laughed.

"My favourite part [of motherhood] is getting to see what it's like to be an undomesticated little girl. The worst part is now everybody is like, 'Willow oh my god, she's so cute.' No one tells me how cute I am."

Pink answered some questions from fans during the chat, including one which seemingly affected her. She was asked if she has any regrets and after saying it was a "dark" subject, the star opened up.

"I have one regret in my entire life. And that is when my mom pulled my hair I pulled hers back and she fell down the stairs. I kind of wish I hadn't pushed my mom down the stairs when I was 12, 13 [or maybe 14]. It shocked the hell out of both of us that was probably right before she kicked me out," she said.

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