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Pippa Middleton 'struggling with status'

Pippa Middleton is reportedly starting to struggle with being treated as a "semi-royal".

The 28-year-old is the sister of Britain's Duchess of Cambridge - who will shortly be celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary with Prince William.

Pippa recently made the headlines after accepting a ride with lawyer Romain Rabillard following a party in Paris. During their journey, Romain pulled out a replica gun and pointed it at a paparazzo on a scooter.

Pippa is deeply regretting finding herself in the situation and was horrified when the story broke last week.

"There are so many 'if-onlys' for Pippa - she's reeling," a source told the UK edition of Grazia magazine. "If only she hadn't accepted the invitation to that party. If only she'd taken a taxi to the station rather than accept a lift from a guy she hardly knew. If only he hadn't pulled out that fake gun and pointed it at a photographer. But most of all if only she wasn't stuck in this no-win situation. Being 'semi-royal', as she puts it, is a nightmare. She's growing to hate it."

Pippa shot to fame last year when she acted as Kate's maid of honour at the royal wedding last year. Her shapely figure has won her admirers all over the world, but royal insiders are worried she is attracting the wrong kind of attention.

"She should consider choosing her friends with a great deal more care," another source added.

Pippa has received £400,000 to write a book on party planning.

It is expected to be released in October and the beauty will embark on a promotional tour around the US. She will reportedly be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey during her trip and those close to Kate and William are hoping her conduct is impeccable.

"Kate and [her mother] Carole are incredibly supportive of Pippa and her career and they sympathise with her problem. On the other hand, they can't run the risk of Pippa carrying on as she is," a source revealed. "Pippa has been told that while she has a golden opportunity to make a huge success, she cannot be seen to abuse the privilege. If the same thing happens again the buck will stop with her. Because in the end there's only one person who can control the situation, and that is Pippa herself."

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