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Pitbull explains MIB 'attraction'

Pitbull has joked that his Men in Black 3 appearance was a result of the "law of attraction at its best".

The rapper performs the theme song, Back in Time, for the upcoming science-fiction action film, which stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Pitbull - who plays Agent A in the video - says the collaboration was a natural progression which makes it even more special.

"Me and Will have hung out before, we never spoke about Men in Black, never spoke about making the record, so this really happened, I think this is the secret, law of attraction at its best. Maybe I will be agent A soon. Hint hint," he laughed in a video interview with ET Online.

Pitbull is proud to be part of the hugely successful movie series. The 31-year-old star has joked he fitted into the star-studded cast with ease.

"As far as the movie goes, it's pretty much a no-brainer. It's a huge franchise and when it comes to branding and marketing we're all about that. So to be involved with Men in Black and the way I look at the record and the way I look at the movie, man it's an honour, it's a blessing," he gushed.

"They're agent J, agent K and I'm agent A, and we are integrating the movie with the video, and we call that sophisticated integration. Yeah! We knew we needed a fusion, so how do we make something old modernised - that's how we looked at it."

Back in Time is written by Pitbull and features a sample of the 1950s track Love Is Strange by Mickey and Sylvia.

Pitbull has explained the themes in the song and accompanying video.

"Everyone knows the guitar riff, in the record, the sample, so how do we modernise it and make it fun. With the movie being about having fun and saving the world, and our music being something global, it went hand-in hand," he said.

"When you're talking about agent A, you've got to have the sexy women, so there's definitely sexy women. We have a very beautiful Columbian woman, we have Mexican women. That's my new name, Agent A slash United Nations. I just bring them all together, baby."

Pitbull performed the song during a one-off gig in Cancun this week.

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