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Pitt and Jolie: We're old school

Brad Pitt was eager to celebrate with his parents after the Oscars.

Despite losing out on the best actor award last night, Brad was still in great spirits.

His partner Angelina Jolie revealed they wouldn't be attending lavish after-parties following this year's glamorous awards ceremony.

Angelina is more inclined to close out the night with her kin.

"I don't know [what we're going to do after the ceremony]," Angelina told Extra on the red carpet with Brad by her side. "We're with Brad's mom and dad, and we're just going to go out to dinner. We're kind of old school, just going to hang out and have a glass of wine and see how it goes."

Brad is all for dining out with Angelina and his parents.

"I'm going to take my folks out and get them hammered," the actor joked.

Angelina and Brad have ensured that their brood is well looked after while they are participating in Oscar festivities.

Their six children are so sheltered from the impact of the awards show, they don't even know where their parents are in reality.

"We get ready somewhere else, so they don't really know," Angelina explained. "They just think we're at work and hope they don't turn on the television."

When the pair get home, Brad probably won't reprimand any of his daughters too harshly should they have misbehaved while he was gone.

"The girls can do no wrong," Brad revealed. "I'm the disciplinarian with the boys. And then [Angelina] handles the girls. They do no wrong, 'Whatever you need honey, you're absolutely right.'"

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