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Pitt on family escapades

Brad Pitt is used to the "chaos" he incurs when traveling with his six children.

The actor is one of Hollywood's biggest stars and is currently busy with filming.

He also raises children Shiloh, Knox, Pax, Vivienne, Zahara and Maddox with his high-profile fiancée Angelina Jolie.

"We are lucky," he mused to British magazine Star.

"Most of the time we travel together. We are used to the chaos when we have to go around the world. And we always try to turn it into an adventure. But when I do have to travel alone, I always try to rush back to my family. I miss them when I am on the road."

Brad, 49, stars in World War Z, a horror adventure that seems him fighting off zombies.

He's always enjoyed films that take him into a different realm.

"When I was little, I used to sneak into our local movie theatre," he recalled.

"I loved to be transported into a different world. I guess I still do. I love exploring worlds, like the one in World War Z."

The action movie has given the zombie genre an overhaul.

While the scary creatures may have been around for a while, Brad can see why people are interested in seeing them on the big screen.

"Four years ago I knew nothing about zombies. Now I'm an expert!" he laughed.

"During the 1970s, when they were popular, it was a time of change and today we're in a time of change. That's why I think people are again attracted to the zombie genre."

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