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Piven: Brits improved my career

Jeremy Piven says working with British stars on period drama Mr Selfridge helped him hone his acting skills.

The 49-year-old actor has enjoyed success after starring as the main character in period drama Mr Selfridge.

And Jeremy says that temporarily relocating to Britain and teaming up with the locals on the show has helped him hone his talent.

“Working with an all-British cast of overqualified actors, and brilliant directors and writers has really helped me to fine-tune whatever it is that I do,” he told Time Out Hong Kong.

Jeremy can next be seen reprising his role as Ari Gold in the big-screen adaptation of hit television series Entourage. And he insists his time on Mr Selfridge helped him to develop a deeper way of depicting Ari onscreen.

“I was able to take that and contribute, hopefully, to Ari and make him maybe even, hopefully, better than before,” he said. “Which is all of our jobs to do – to heighten everything that we had been doing until now in the series.”

Jeremy also said that working on Mr Selfridge has seen him form some close friendships with his co-stars.

He thinks his bond with the ensemble is connected to the similar backgrounds in which they were all raised.

“Growing up in the theatre, being in a theatre family and studying theatre in various universities, starting a theatre company and having that in Chicago and slowly making my way out here, I felt like the people that I work with [on Mr Selfridge] have very similar backgrounds to me,” he said. “I just found a lot of kindred spirits out there. So it was just really, really wonderful to be a part of all that. And I’m incredibly proud of that show.”

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