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Piven praises women

Jeremy Piven thinks women are better at keeping their emotions in check and "holding it together".

The Entourage actor is often referred to as ladies man, but says women rarely come up to him.

"No," Jeremy replied when British magazine Heat asked him if he has to deal with women coming up to him on the street.

"You know what - here's what happens: men are very effusive, so usually a man will come up and say 'Hey dude, I never do this, but I have to tell you...' and then he'll say something really nice, usually about how he likes my work - and the woman he's with, ten times out of ten, will roll her eyes. Like, 'This is so embarrassing.'

"So I think that women are really good at holding it together, keeping their integrity and keeping a poker face. So whatever you're saying is not happening," Jeremy laughed.

On the occasions when a woman does approach him, Jeremy knows exactly how to woo a potential partner.

Far from being just a dinner date guy, Jeremy says being predictable does not work well when you're trying to impress the opposite sex.

"We'd do something that I would like to do as well. I love going to shows, concerts and plays - stuff like that. But I think being predictable is not a good look. I try to keep it fresh," he said.

The 48-year-old actor is currently starring in the second series of Mr Selfridge on British TV, and is also busy filming the Entourage movie, based on the hit TV show.

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